TV commercials
Making TV commercials, we will customize it with your personal information, so you can be up and running with your own personalized, high-end TV spot in no time. We film high-quality HD video productions on location. Custom written script by our creative team. Your business information, including logo, phone number, address etc. Delivery to the TV station.

Prices for a :30-second (the average, most purchased commercial length) commercial vary, depending on the bells and whistles involved, but the production of a basic commercial (“spot”) include producing a script, shooting on site if needed, editing and producing an air master for us and an email copy for you. 

The spot will include a music bed and on-screen graphics and voice-over and should average around $1,500 to $2,500 plus or minus, depending on what’s involved. A "stills" spot - where you supply photographs and the work is done in the studio, can be a less expensive alternative. 

Additions like an on-screen "talking head", or a jingle produced, or animations/very fancy graphics, etc., will add to your cost.  Once your commercial is produced, you can discuss other ways of using it with your posting it to your website.  We will review everything with you and present to you the various commercial options.