Barbara Barbieri

Senior Account Executive at Altice Media Solutions (formerly Cablevision Media Sales)

September 22, 2016


I have worked with Irene for many years in her capacity as a producer of television commercials and as an advertising agency. Irene consistently produces excellent, hi-quality commercials for her clients, and as an agency, her clients needs are always her first priority. I have found Irene to be consistently a highly professional, conscientious, reliable and persistent advocate for her clients, and it has been my pleasure to know and work with her. I highly recommend her.


Fred Rubino - comedian-celebrity 


The most professional and quality work you can find. If you haven’t considered using them for a project you are NUTS!


Thanks so much you guys did an awesome job. Very professional.


Kevin Walsh

Account Executive Spectrum Reach

April 22, 2018


I've been doing business with Irene for several years working together on many different clients. She's always professional and pleasant to deal with and does great work for her clients. From excellent video production, to well planned media buys Irene is an excellent partner for any business looking to grow their brand. I highly recommend her company Videodisc LLC.


Alex Narod

Mortgage Banker at The Federal Savings Bank

April 21, 2014


it’s a great experience to work with someone who knows what they are doing and takes control of the situation, interprets the vision and produces high quality end product.


Zvi Zisbrod MD


September 13, 2015


Irene & Vladimir run a high quality video production company. Both of them are highly skilled in creating excelled production.


Law Office of Inna Fershteyn and Associates, P.C.



Working with Videodisc LLC was a wonderful experience. Videodisc was able to help me with a new advertisement featuring exactly what I was looking for to help draw in new clients. Very happy with the results and would highly recommend.




1651 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn NY

(718) 998-1415


After 6 month ago, I contacted Videodisc, LLC to assist me with this project, as I had read nothing but great reviews for them online.  Videodisc, LLC  made

advertising on Television as easy as it could be, and they did most of the work for me. They knew exactly how to format my commercials, airing times and targeted audience, so that I would get the most exposure for my money. I have had nothing but a great experience these last 6 months working with Videodisc, LLC.  Since my commercial began airing on television our customer volume has increased dramatically and not a single day goes by without at least 1 customer stating they heard about us through our commercial on television.



2101 Avenue X, Brooklyn, NY

(718) 512-2160


Although still in the testing phase of our campaign, Irene and her team at Videodisc, LLC  have already produced results that far exceed our expectations. Their commitment to our success is obvious and they back that up with hard work, incredible creativity and aggressive negotiation skill that has obtained rates for us far better than previously used agency. Daily we continue to be impressed how they constantly go above and beyond on our behalf.



4603 WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33417

(516) 683-1911


We have seen success with our ads and we have reached more people in our area than we have before. We have had a strong success in the commercial venue for marketing and it has been worth every penny of investment. Our ROI has been extremely positive.

I have used Videodisc, LLC   for local cable advertising. Videodisc, LLC  was just terrific. They always get back to me right away and kept me in the loop. They made excellent suggestions and were very supportive. Videodisc, LLC  ever gave me some ideas where to sell my product.



1800 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201 

(703) 465-0036


Videodisc, LLC   has helped take my local business to national. I was spending twice as much for local advertising before I met them and now we are nationwide for less money.

Our sales and awareness have tripled and I couldn’t have done it without them. Videodisc, LLC  care about your business, not just sale and that is why I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my advertising dollar.



2655 Richmond Ave, Staten Island Mall

(718) 698-6666


The only bad aspect of my providing an enthusiastic recommendation for the Videodisc, LLC  is that perhaps our competition will get wind of how amazing they are. I wholeheartedly suggest that anyone who desires outstanding value for the advertising dollar to seek them out immediately. We’ve been very happy with our results and look forward to a great future with Videodisc, LLC   on our team.



197 Kings Highway, Brooklyn NY 11229

 (718) 336-0783


I just want to let you know that the TV campaign is kicking butt! February and March are always a big months but we just broke our sales record this week! Our record in weekly sale were 73% and we broke it today standing at 79% as we speak, but we don’t actually close out our week until midnight tonight. We just want more! Yay!!!




16 Court Street, 31 floor

Brooklyn, NY

1(800) 238-6528


My law firm has worked with Videodisc, LLC  and met excellent results. With the help of Videodisc, LLC  . We were able to secure extremely favorable TV spot rates in competitive markets which led to a very nice increase in our client base and revenues.



1222 East 96 Street, Brooklyn NY

(718) 872-4751


Videodisc, LLC  helped save the Whales campaign with  their buying power and strategy. Great team to work with. I give them 5 stars!



38 Delancey Street ,2nd floor 

New York,NY 10002

(212) 375-9500


I have been working with Videodisc, LLC   since the beginning of 2010. Since that time, Videodisc, LLC  has been very instrumental in securing very reasonable rates with multiple TV networks. In addition, they have superior customer service! I would highly recommend working with Videodisc, LLC  



(385) 861-0777



Videodisc, LLC   in the most effective way to reach your customers in any market. Videodisc, LLC  Experience and contacts put me on the map. I have clients across the United States who trusts me, because of the way Videodisc, LLC  brought  my company into their home or office. You have to be seen by people to remembered and trusted. Compare Videodisc, LLC  price and schedule and be amazed.




We have worked with Videodisc, LLC  since 2007 and they are excellent! They know and understand my target market and they have helped me to increase sales and build my brand through local and regional advertising. I have been working with Videodisc, LLC  for the full 2 years now and I am very pleased. When you have any concerns you can rest assured that Videodisc, LLC  will solve it. It has been pleasure to work with them! Love the inventive side that they have to offer when it comes to marketing and being able to find media resources at any given moment.





Being a client of Videodisc, LLC  has been honor for many years. Their planning and work ethic are the best. Getting them on the phone to speak with a real blessing. It is a pleasure to work with Videodisc, LLC  and also to call then friends after all these many years.

 If you want real marketing that works effectively  and are looking for result, Videodisc, LLC  we are hightly  recommend using Videodisc, LLC  . The outcomes for your company will be positive and I can’t thank Videodisc, LLC  enough for accosting us in getting where we are today.




128 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

(718) 946-5775


I’ve been in the advertising business a long time and work with many media professionals. When it comes to negotiating the best deal, no one beats  Videodisc, LLC  . I know, I can count on them.